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Symbol:   The Fish
Element:   Water
Group:   Theoretical
Polarity:   Negative
Planet:   Neptune, Jupiter
Cross/Quality:   Mutable
House Ruled:   Twelfth
Color:   Sea-Green
Lucky Gem:   Moon Stone
Opposite Sign:   Virgo
Chinese Analog:   Rabbit
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The Pisces Lifestyle

Pisces Physical Appearance

Pisceans rule the feet and the nose region. They usually have excellent feet and most of them make for graceful dancers. They have a good sense of taste and smell. Generally Pisceans tend to be of an average stature with broad shoulders. They are usually chubby with an odd shaped head. Pisceans have dreamy mystical eyes and soft clear skin. They are usually very charming but they are mostly clumsy. Pisces Habits

Pisceans are easy going in nature and they have a laid back attitude. Their habits actually depend on their mood. The same person can be horribly lazy at one time and can turn into a total workaholic the next. They are disorganized both mentally and physically. Their mind is never at rest and they tend to worry a lot, this is one of the main reasons why they should indulge in a lot of fitness regime like yoga, aerobics, meditation, etc. The Pisceans are gullible in nature and they can be easily influenced to bad habits like excess drinking, smoking, gambling etc. Pisceans are also considered to be careless and they have the habit of losing things frequently.

Food for Pisces

Pisces should take extra care of these organs in their body like their digestive system, nervous system, liver and blood. Pisces are infamous for their tardiness and they usually run late for any errands which is why they tend to skip meals. Therefore, they should always maintain a good supply of fruits which they can grab on the go. The most favourable diet for the Pisceans would be red meat like beef and lamb, steamed vegetables, citrus fruits, oats, spinach, onions, dried fruits, beans, wheat, liver, whole grains, etc. Pisceans need to avoid large intake of dairy products, oily food, extra salt, excess sweets etc.

Pisces Health

Most Pisces are generally attracted to extravagant lifestyle, they are fun loving people which includes a lot of slumber parties, night outs, boozing and sleeping late. This lifestyle can surely affect their health. They have poor eating habits which is why they are prone to diseases. The Pisceans usually over eat; they bite more than they can chew, in literal term which is why they frequently suffer from indigestion. They catch cold easily which is why they have a tender nose and moist eyes. They do a lot of thinking and their mind is never at rest. They are very emotional and they constantly battle with their thoughts, this is one of the primary reasons why most of the Pisceans suffer from depressions and anxiety.

Pisces Beauty scope

The fish projects themselves according to their mood. Their overall look usually depends of which mood they are in. Although they may come across as someone who is too conscious about how they look and one may find them indulging in a lot of shopping and analyzing different styles but behind all that is a person who is actually not bothered about how they look. They are more conscious about what they know. However, surprisingly the end result is that they always look good without even trying too hard. They prefer comfort to style. Some of the Pisceans are ill tempered, anxious and very indecisive which is why it is imperative they wear pearl at all times. This helps them sooth their struggling mind. Pisceans are intelligent, quick witted, charming and they sure know how to walk the talk. They are smooth talkers, great listeners, lively, funny and this is what makes them attractive. They are usually the show stoppers among their friends.