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Symbol:   The Water Bearer
Element:   Air
Group:   Theoretical
Polarity:   Positive
Planet:   Uranus, Saturn
Cross/Quality:   Fixed
House Ruled:   Eleventh
Color:   Turquoise
Lucky Gem:   Turquoise
Opposite Sign:   Leo
Chinese Analog:   Tiger
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Aquarius Higher Self

The higher Self is the part of our nature which is the one that is aware. Often we are caught up in our thoughts, emotions and the heat of the moment, the circumstance of life that are going on around us all time and therefore we tend to become disconnected to that part of ourselves, our Higher Self. This segment will talk about what that Higher Self means you specifically for your star sign and how to become more aware of it.

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac which is the natural zone of friendship and social activity. It also rules humanitarianism.  Aquarius, you are a natural friend and this comes easily to you. Aquarius extends its hand in friendship and usually is impartial in its choice. But there are aspects of your motivation for engaging in a friendship that extends beyond simply the idea of a good time and socializing.

One of your main motivations for befriending others is that you feel as if you can help them. You're an excellent counsellor and like to feel as if you're contributing something to the quality of their lives by offering them valuable insights into how they can improve themselves. If this is unsolicited, you may actually make a rod for your own back by assuming that everyone needs your help when in fact that's not the case. On this point, it's a good idea to be a friend and simply listen for cues rather than jumping in impulsively, abruptly and offering advice.

Some of your friends consider you a little bit cold and unemotional and although that may be true to some extent it's this very trait that makes you more capable than most of being a good friend and simply listening without transposing your judgments or expectations on the friendship. 

Your friends truly do appreciate this aspect of your personality. You also have a particular need to maintain control over your feelings and I'd simply suggest that whilst this is fine for the most part, don't be afraid to let your guard down occasionally especially if you're with people you can trust. You've got to appear human at times and this will help others relate to you much more.

Aquarius Spiritual Path

There are broadly four main paths to spiritual liberation or self-actualization. The first is based on selfless action or karma yoga, the second on devotional activities, the third through the physical practice of self-control and yoga and the last is the intellectual path. Depending on which sign of the Zodiac you are, it will determine your easiest and most natural path of spiritual activity.

Finding balance between conservative life and progressive ideals that you hold dear will be your big challenge and therefore meditation will help you to connect these to seemingly contradictory perspectives in a seamless way. Many born under your sign of Aquarius have a natural urge to overthrow established values and traditions. This can make you appear dangerous to those who have a more conservative way of thinking and seeing things.

You have a bubbly personality thanks to your ruling planet, Uranus. Others are attracted to you because of your transparent, clear, fun loving ways. But you do make a strong impression on others once they're able to get beyond that initial, cool exterior that you use as a means of protecting your inner self.

The higher side of Aquarius is attracted to charitable, social and humanitarian works. You have a selflessness which can be used to uplift the world and this would probably be your greatest asset in life. You're able to help others in their time of need and because you are sincere and straight up and down in your manner of dealing with others, you are held in high esteem by most who know you.

Lucky Guardian Angel

A little-known fact is that each of the Zodiac signs and planets are ruled by angelic forces. These angelic forces can be called upon to help and can guide you through difficult times.

The sign of Aquarius is watched over by the archangel Gabriel. Gabriel is known as an angel of annunciation and revelation, and when called upon, Gabriel's messages can manifest in your life as sudden realizations about your purpose and calling.

You may have a powerful awakening to where you are in your life in relation to where you need to be. Gabriel can help you discover your desire to balance yourself and realign with your true path, and also help you find the clarity of vision and insight to know how to do this.

Even when this clarity doesn't arrive in a flash, your intuition and gut feelings will help you to navigate as you learn how to heal yourself and establish inner balance and clarity of purpose. Gabriel can help you to process and release negative emotions and let go of attachments which weaken you and prevent you from achieving genuine fulfillment. Gabriel is also known for mercy and bearing good news. The good news is that the path of ascension and unity lies before you, and Gabriel can assist you in transcending the obstacles which prevent you from seeing and traveling this path.

Aquarius Meditation

Learning the art of contentment and being happy with what you have seems easy enough to say, however for you, it is rather difficult. You have a complex mind interwoven with as complex an emotional nature. Until you are able to fully experience the dark, and come to terms with that part of your nature, thereby releasing it, you will not be able to truly experience the Light nor the contentment that comes from letting go of desire.

You have an innate sense of breaking the bounds of the known and moving into intellectual territory that is, in fact, off-limits according to the traditional way of thinking. This is why your meditation and spiritual work will not easily fit into the norm. And nor will the norm easily fit into you. In a strange sort of way the meditation which is best for you is by Venus which dominates your 9th house of Libra. Although people regard Libra as the sign of balance it is, in fact, the sign struggling to find balance.

Forever oscillating between the worlds of yes-no, up-down, in-out, possibly not, your struggle to find balance and inner peace will be obstructed but at the same time nurtured by this life of duality. One of the easiest ways for you to find balance is through communication and to some extent artistic and cultural expression. These things naturally calm your mind and bring you to a state of one-pointedness. It is only at this stage that you will easily slip into meditation in much the same way that when tired, and even exhausted, you simply slip into sleep.

Part of your spiritual journey involves helping if not transforming the world and through art and culture which is uniquely and expression of yourself, you can indeed revolutionize the world you live in through your spiritual intent.

Aquarius difficult planets and Ritual technologies to control them

Ritual technology is something which is not often understood but with the right techniques, rituals and spells these can be utilized by you for any number of purposes. In this segment will show you rituals for turning your life around. Rituals are shown by the 5th, 8th, 9th and 12th houses of the horoscope.

You are a bundle of contradictions when it comes to being regarded as an enemy or regarding someone else as your foe. For the most part, you prefer to avoid confrontation and will simply discuss your grievances with the other person first. Of course, if the other party is not amenable to a solution based on mutual understanding via communication you can lose your cool and resort to what could be seen as a violent outburst. And once you've said your piece you are just as likely to walk off and maintain silence for a long time.

Others should be mindful of the fact that Aquarius is abrupt and at times explosive due to the rulership of Uranus of your sign. If you're pushed too far you may just as easily choose to exhibit this part of your nature which to many may not have been something they've seen.  This will be a shock and a disappointment to them that they took your friendship for granted.

To avoid confrontation and the losing of friends you must be careful not to be too excited in your opinions. By holding fast to your opinions and not compromising you can find yourself rubbing people up the wrong way and turning friends into enemies.

Mars and Jupiter are difficult planets for those born under Aquarius, therefore fasting or moderately reducing food intake on Tuesdays and Thursdays will help neutralise the ill effects of these planets. Making charitable donations on Thursday will be very useful in bringing the planet Jupiter under control. That will help you with the above problems.