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Symbol:   The Water Bearer
Element:   Air
Group:   Theoretical
Polarity:   Positive
Planet:   Uranus, Saturn
Cross/Quality:   Fixed
House Ruled:   Eleventh
Color:   Turquoise
Lucky Gem:   Turquoise
Opposite Sign:   Leo
Chinese Analog:   Tiger
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The Aquarius Lifestyle

Beautiful You

Looking good is not a worry - since you never snap out of a reverie, a natural dreamy look is always yours. But there is more to you than the daydreams. You are flexible and wistful, but that does not make you wishy-washy! You have a resolute optimism, a nearly psychic intuition and a fertile imagination that allows you to appreciate the mysteries of life.

When it comes to physical beauty, you want to set your own trends. This denotes your extremely independent spirit. If the colour of the season is blue, you would wear pink, just to be different. It is this rebellion that makes people sit up and take notice.

Perhaps you would like to look downwards, and pay attention to your feet. A pedicure is a definite indulgence. Lily-tinged scents keep you in a romantic mood. Your beauty comes from your open heart, your belief in the goodness of others, your sympathetic nature and the way you never shy away from saying how you feel.

You, the fitness freak

You don't play to win. You don't believe in playing for individual glory. Team spirit is important to you, especially if you manage to make connections through the team. Throwing yourself into strenuous activity is probably not your definition of a good time. Your fitness routine is likely to be a laid back one; you will opt for fishing or diving. Water is, of course, important to you, so you would do well with water polo or sailing. Fun, interactive games like football could also be high on your list. Watch out for your feet; you should be careful not to hurt any of the tiny bones found there.

Fashionably Yours

You associate clothing with comfort, to the point of wearing nothing at all. Wearing clothes, to you, is a socially acceptable norm. You frequent bargain stores and thrift shops. If you had your way, you would lounge about in a bathing suit all day, with something thrown on it, when you do feel cold.

Your flexibility is admirable. One you are meant to wear something, you will grow into it. You love variety in shoes, and will buy tons of them. You love to wear your hair long, but you have a quick braid up your sleeve if it is a bad hair day. When left in your natural state, you don't give a lot of thought to clothing. You are a chameleon, however, so wherever you go and whatever you do, you never need to worry about fitting in.

Travel and you

Emblematic of the Water Sign, you tend to go with the flow when travelling, never making waves. Consequently, there must be someone else leading the way or you will never get there! You are the dreamer of the Zodiac, preferring to indulge your fantasies (and secrets) in an unconscious state. When you do awaken, your focus is on seeing how you can be of service to others. It's this quality which takes you to the heart of Africa or the streets of Iran. You see no need to set the agenda when on the road, preferring to leave practical matters and budgetary concerns to your travelling companions.

Dreamy as you are, it's essential that someone else create the structure. What you care about most is that your spirit is being soothed and that you're being useful in the world. To that end, meditative treks to India or Tibet are just the ticket. Artistic as well, you would adore the opportunity to work with potters in Mexico or to play music in the Andes of Peru. Finally, you love to be near water -- would you crave anything else? This makes you a natural for swimming, diving or sailboat excursions, the latter ideally suited to your penchant for daydreaming (someone else will be trimming those sails!).

Your Taste buds

You are a big fan of seafood. Whether it's standard salmon or exotic octopus, you Fish will devour it. You also have a fetish for organic food.